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Directions for Use As a dietary supplement add 1 level scoop to 8 fl oz. (240 mL) of cold water, protein shake or your favourite beverage; stir or shake 5-10 seconds and enjoy. DESCRIPTION Glutamine is the most abundant free form amino in muscle tissue and plays a key role in muscle recovery, immunity and digestive health. During hard training, your muscles can lose up to 50% of their glutamine stores! MUTANT GLUTAMINE contains vegan fermented glutamine that’s micronized for higher solubility. MUTANT GLUTAMINE is unflavoured so you can add it to BCAAs, EAAs, pre-workouts, protein shakes or weight gain formulas. Benefits: Mutant Glutamine vastly improves recovery times from injury, mental stress, surgery and day-to-day sports related tissue damage. Also, since Mutant glutamine is a powerful anti-oxidant, people find they have increased resistance to colds. For sport uses, athletes, bodybuilders and trainers note increased power and endurance.

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